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+29    根据互联网向移动端转移的趋势,将原来在pc端的功能在移动端实现,提高风场相关人员的工作效率,使风场管理人员工作更加方便。 将风电场的风场、风机信息以及各项统计展示在手机上,供工作人员查看。    3 MB    Views 6429
+21    Web browser: Full feature inapp browser Tap and hold to download Full screen mode Bookmark manager History support File Manager: Folders & secret folders support Document reader that supports .pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt, etc.. Move, rename and delete files Extract ZIP ...    20 MB    Views 2529
+18    Quickly calculate your First Lego League team's scores in realtime using this FLL Robot Game Calculator.    3 MB    Views 347

The Poverty Line

+15    The Poverty Line App accompanies The Poverty Line Photo Exhibition during Le festival des Nuits Photographiques starting from 17 September 2015. By pointing the camera to some of the images during the exhibition, visitors will be able to obtain additional ...    29 MB    Views 8729
+11    Apparel Sourcing Paris is the number one European trade fair for worldwide apparel sourcing. It is being held, jointly with Avantex and Texworld, twice a year at Paris Le Bourget with nearly 400 exhibitors. The wide range of products ...    40 MB    Views 9293
+8    Как протекает беременность по неделям и триместрам? Календарь ожидания ребенка и калькулятор даты родов. Беременность и ее развитие по неделям и триместрам    3 MB    Views 9656
+1    Complete Steam Tables Lite is an app designed to work as a calculator for numerous thermodynamical properties of steam and water and is intended to be used by engineers and students in their daily work routine. The calculations of the thermodynamical ...    7 MB    Views 2056


+14    洛阳心花路放汽车租赁有限公司管理人员使用的辅助管理工具。    4 MB    Views 8006


+1    让中国人写好中国字 吴全仁    26 MB    Views 4125


+18    用品味生活,用智慧创造,用思维改变. 改造属于你自己的空间房屋装修必备神器 思维空间是一款基于房屋装修的实用性应用程序. 思维空间,如果现实空间是三维的,那么装修我们的空间就需要多一思维.汇聚了国内外众多设计师的设计案例,让你不再为没有名师”指导”而苦恼.让您眼前一亮的成品设计图,为您的大脑注入无限的灵感之源. 同时这款应用也为用户提供了一些成功装修家庭的”装修日记”,将宝贵的装修经验分享给用户,让使用者在装修的时候少走”弯路”. 应用中的一些小功能让您在装修过程中少了很多麻烦,如日历,记事本和计算器等,都是很实用的小功能. 如果说爱自己的人总是爱装扮自己,那么爱家人的人就会装扮自己的家.家是温馨的港湾,是灵魂的栖息地.让家变得与众不同,让家变得温馨自然,让家人觉得开心幸福,思维空间可以帮您做到. 思维空间的发展,在某种意义上说,就是对创新与创造的不断摆脱.我们会在第一时间为您呈现最时尚最前沿的装修用品,家具饰品,让您掌握当前最受热捧的装修方案.思维空间为您提供最优质的服务.    17 MB    Views 8148

The Gathering 2015

+20    The Gathering 2015 is a free app to help you keep up with the event's schedule and announcements and make connections with people you meet while at the conference. Connect instantly with other attendees via email, LinkedIn or Twitter ...    17 MB    Views 5944
+4    Tired of boring WhatsApp messages? Impress your friends with formatted and colored messages for WhatsApp Change font size, color and background color Font styles (bold, italics, underline, strike through, superscript and subscript) Lists with levels Text alignment Cut, copy and ...    6 MB    Views 1819


+2    SWISSMOBILITY is a highquality Luggage that you can control from your phone. From the app you can lock and unlock it, weigh it, track its location, be notified if you are leaving it behind. You can also charge your phone ...    3 MB    Views 9402


+2    Conozca y navegue por nuestro inventario disponible de repuestos y herramientas para la Industria Petrolera en tiempo real.    179 kb    Views 9782
+5    Tick Task Pro Traveler Helper combines functions of calendar and task manager so you can easily track your tasks during traveling or at nay other time. Create a list of tasks, group it by categories, add notes and reminders. ...    10 MB    Views 4344


0    Informationen und Neuigkeiten rund um Solid Edge, PLM, FEM, CAM, Ausbildungen, Support, Dienstleistungen und Hardware.    4 MB    Views 1636


+12    Cette application contient des conseils pour les mois de grossesse. Futures mamans, ne cherchez plus l’application indispensable au suivi de votre grossesse : Ma Grossesse avec Doctissimo, c’est 40 semaines de conseils pour vivre au mieux ces 9 mois    3 MB    Views 290
calculator time decimal bit typing number hexadecimal shift functions power mode
-5    I've been an FPGA designer for several years, so I designed this RPN hexadecimal calculator to fill a need I've had over that time. I hope you find it useful too. This RPN scientific calculator provides useful hexadecimal functions, including: Bit Set ...    3 MB    Views 6068
+3    HttpFlow is Professional HTTP sniffer, you can use it to track http or https requests in the webpage, view the resource code of html/css/js, save images in the webpage even the background image. Features: split view to work with webpage and ...    594 kb    Views 625
+23    中国农牧业平台,打造绿色中国    22 MB    Views 7662

Workpulse Remind

remind reminders
-1    Workpulse Remind is a reminder utility that reminds you about your upcoming event. Using Workpulse Remind, you can schedule reminders for every minute, hour, day, week, month, year and much more. You can login with you Workpulse and this app ...    1 MB    Views 1076


-7 Ứng dụng kiểm tra, đặt chỗ và xuất vé ngay lập tức đối với các giao dịch vé máy bay. Chúng tôi cung cấp vé của tất cả các hàng hàng không lớn nhất như Vietnamairline, Vietjetair, Jetstar... Các hãng hàng không ...    11 MB    Views 6679
+29    航空订票,自由随我行    25 MB    Views 4276
+12    تطبيق لمجموعة هاويات التقنية السعوديات هو مشروع يهدف لتمكين المرأة السعودية من الاستفادة من تكنولوجيا المعلومات والاتصالات لتعزيز دورها في التنمية والتطوير الاجتماعي والاقتصادي في المملكة العربية السعودية، من خلال تعريفها بالتقنيات الحديثة وإزالة العقبات التي تواجهها في سبيل الحصول ...    30 MB    Views 2592

iAccess plus

+13    Description. iAccess plus is a Bluetooth access control service application for T1 users. Provider: NITGEN Co., Ltd.. NITGEN is a Total Biometric Solution provider with its core technologies evolved from fingerprint recognition. We are the market leader in both domestic and international fields ...    6 MB    Views 5056
calculator pro version calculators cnc operators drill codes charts
+18    CNC Machinist Calculator is designed for manufacturing engineers, machinists, CNC operators, tool & die makers, and at home hobbyists. Although "CNC Machinist Calculator Free" has reduced functionality from our Pro version, it is still a great tool for CNC programmers ...    29 MB    Views 8273


pas level light power assist vehicle
+3    1. The MXUS+ App is designed for the MXUS scooter. 2. Through Bluetooth connection to the MXUS scooter, the App can show the vehicle's DST, ODO, speed, PAS level,Light, Power assist and so on. 3. The App can also control the vehicle's ...    10 MB    Views 3465


+10    滴滴一下,马上查货。可以在服务器上存储货物编码,颜色,价格。通过APP可以快速查询。    1 MB    Views 4449

Daffron UGM

sessions conference improve
+17    The Daffron UGM conference application is brought to you by Daffron & Associates, Inc., to help improve your UGM experience and to reduce our reliance on paper. • View Sessions by Day, Instructor, or Track. • Create a personalized Planner for which ...    9 MB    Views 6230

O My Car

-7    O My Car 是一款集全球最新汽车资讯,汽车技术分享,用车,养车,找车以及供网友分享日常用车经验的应用. 该应用一共有三个功能标签,分别是推荐,论坛,找车. 全面详细地展示了全球汽车行业的最新汽车动态,包括各地区的车展信息,发布汽车资讯的视频.更有实时播报,在这里参与网友的麻辣点评.更囊括全国371个地区的行情信息.无论你所处何地,无论你何时查询,都能给你最新最权威最准确的汽车行情信息.更贴心地直接定位到用户所在城市,给用户展示城市汽车行情信息.如果你很想了解在购车中需要了解哪些知识,那么导购频道将会教给你最全面最实用的信息.在技术频道,以最专业但又最平实易懂的语言,给用户展示最实用的技术点.还有呢,分享也是一种快乐,在游记频道,车友可以分享自己旅行途中的见闻和自己爱车的故事,和大家分享一下你的乐事,跟网友聊一聊你对汽车的见解,简直没有更美的交流啦论坛以用户为核心,以车主的声音为基础,打造贴心的汽车交流平台。通过“人·车·生活”三位一体的理念,帮助用户完成从“选择汽车”到“享受生活”的理想过程。详细地划分了40多种论坛,交互性非常强,内容之丰富显而易见.用户可以选择自己感兴趣的论坛,选择相关的主题和车友一起讨论驾车的即能,一起交流汽车保养的小秘密,一起分享各种知识,在这里你可以畅所欲言,学习别人和向别人分享你所了解的小技能.即能交流技术又能沟通感情,也是一件很美的事也是秉承了消费者利益至上的原则,为用户提供最真实有效的信息源,买车之前相对比一下不同车型?手头资金有些紧张想先买辆二手的先开着?来吧,找车功能满足你的需求 O My Car ,让你可以随意浏览全球汽车资讯,轻松找车选车并随时参与论坛互动,让你一嗨到底    10 MB    Views 1076
task killer
-9    Manage your time effectively with Task Killer Get Things Done. Just create a task, choose a day and set task reminder and your todo list will be always at hand.    7 MB    Views 1330


+4    ここでは9ヶ月の妊娠の経過を監視、排卵、体重増加と出産日を理解するために便利な妊 娠計算機を利用できます。 妊娠週刊 妊娠カレンダー 妊娠週数計算機 妊娠中の体重増加計算機 排卵日計算 排卵日出産予定日計算 胎児発育計算機 妊娠週計算機 排卵計算機 性別計算機: 男の子それとも女の子? 胎児発育計算機 妊娠中の体重増加計算機 妊娠週を月に換算する    3 MB    Views 9563


+4    RControlAdmin provides a dashboard that simplifies the installation process of the M2M cellular alarm communicators. The installers can check in real time the connection status, the signal level of the GSM operator, the power supply voltage, etc. For installer account, please ...    51 MB    Views 2836
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+4    Worried about people seeing all your private photos and videos? With this app you can safely hide and store all your private for your eyes only files • Your secrets remain untouched • Extremely simple and powerful importing: to import the whole ...    11 MB    Views 966

Erasmus Theatre

theatre che alla
+5    La prima applicazione teatrale che vi darà la possibilità di scoprire tutte le attività dell'Erasmus Theatre. Copioni anche in formato mp3, schede didattiche,traduzioni e tutto ciò che divertendovi vi preparerà alla visione degli spettacoli in lingua originale. un'ampia sezione dedicata alla vacanza ...    28 MB    Views 8590
+29    مبدل سایز کفش از سیستم سایز بندی کفشهای ایرانی به سیستم سایز بندی سایر کشورها در حال حاضر قابلیت تبدیل به سایزهای کشورهای زیر در برنامه گنجانده شده است : سایز بندی کفش های آمریکایی سایز بندی کفش های انگلیسی سایز بندی کشورهای اروپایی به ...    3 MB    Views 7944
emojis chat stickers animated free thousands emoticons
-1    FREE FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME GET IT NOW This app contains thousands of Free 3D and HD quality Emoticons, Emojis & Chat Stickers ++FEATURES++ Thousands of 3D animated Emojis Send Epic Emojis to many different chat apps. (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, ...    53 MB    Views 8612


-5    英超物流网站推出的物流下单程序 1.简洁易用的界面,订单录入,提交,付款一体化完成。 2.高效的订单输入系统,支持万件齐发,从一个地址发送不同包裹到不同收件人。 3.自动保存收发件人地址,保存包裹尺寸,方便重复使用。 4.自动保存未完成订单信息,以便后续继续修改或提交。 5.支持订单编辑,修改,添加。 6.支持离线下输入订单,自动保存,登录后再提交订单。 7.历史订单查询,显示详细历史订单信息,点击跟踪号显示包裹跟踪信息。 8.账户余额,红包,积分信息显示。    46 MB    Views 5613


-6    集建材之精华 汇家私之优良    25 MB    Views 1344


Related Apps smartphone tablet viewing live support
-5    Utilizing SmartWIFI technology, allow you to set up your camera directly via smartphone/tablet. No configurations required for live viewing on smartphone/tablet. TwoWay audio enables you to listen and talk remotely through smartphone/tablet. Send email notifications or upload photos to FTP when intrusions are ...    20 MB    Views 8661


+7    电工点到携手业内专业厂家,为1240.5千伏中、低压开关和开关柜、电力仪表、综保装置的用户,提供产品的检测评估、保养维护、升级改造和更新替换等服务,以帮助您提高电气设备运行的安全性、可靠性和有效性。 电工点到拥有遍布全国的服务网点,经过专业培训和认证的服务工程师就在您身边,在第一时间为您提供规范细致的专业服务。 针对作为核心元件的断路器产品,电工点到能提供的服务包含以下4个方面: 1. 断路器检测评估及保养维护服务 服务对象:正在运行、尤其是使用多年的中压断路器 服务内容:对断路器进行全面检测 > 判断是否出现故障或者存在隐患 > 评估运行安全性 > 做有针对性的保养维护 服务目的:提高断路器的运行安全性,延长产品使用生命 2. 断路器无油化、小型化升级改造服务 服务对象:少油断路器、空气绝缘断路器等早期产品 服务内容:在避免更换开关柜并保障产品性能和使用安全的前提下,实现将原有少油断路器升级为真空断路器的无油化改造,或者实现将早期空气绝缘断路器升级为真空断路器的小型化改造; 服务目的:提高断路器的运行安全性,延长产品使用生命。 3. 断路器智能化升级改造服务 服务对象:不具备运行状态在线监测等智能功能的普通断路器 服务内容:基于对断路器实际运行状况分析,在普通断路器上有针对性地加装监测功能单元装置,并通过监测数据传输方案,使普通断路器升级成为具备多项在线检测功能的智能断路器 服务目的:提前预警可能的故障隐患风险、提升设备运行的安全性,改“定期检修”维护模式为“状态检修”维护模式,提高了设备的使用效率。 4. 断路器更新改造服务 服务对象:使用寿命已到期、出现无法维修的损坏或者不具备维修价值的断路器,或者虽然能继续运行,但由于使用年限过长,因此已经无法满足当前系统对断路器性能及可靠性要求的断路器 服务内容:以原断路器的外形尺寸、安装方式、二次控制、联锁方案为依据,定制可以实现完全互换的断路器进行替换更新,最大程度缩减设备停运时间。 服务目的:在不改变、更换现有开关柜的前提下,采用最经济的 办法提升设备运行可靠性。 电工点到,电气设备从此使用无忧!    2 MB    Views 626


convert decimal
+13    It is a simple converter. It can convert decimal, binary, octal, hexadecimal and ASCII to each other.    2 MB    Views 5403
task killer
-7    Manage your time effectively with Task Killer Get Things Done. Just create a task, choose a day and set task reminder and your todo list will be always at hand.    12 MB    Views 1318
french history combinations favorites lottery data bucket numbers box bet
+6    Lottery Box FRENCH LOTO, will help you manage your French loto combinations. It will help you generate random combinations and save them to your history. You can save your own combinations to your favorites or bet bucket data. You ...    29 MB    Views 5332
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+5    Lottery Box UK THUNDERBALL will help you manage your United Kingdom Thunderball combinations. It will help you generate random combinations and save them to your history. You can save your own combinations to your favorites or bet bucket data. ...    29 MB    Views 6738
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-4    SafeMate is the companion app to the SafeMate ( devices for your family. Once you have bought the small device, login to the app and see realtime location information of your family members and ensure their safety. Get the following in ...    NAN    Views 9425

Bacs de Seine

vous sur nous les des carte une
+3    Bénéficiez des horaires de tous les Bacs de Seine sur votre smartphone Fonctionnalités mises à disposition : Prochains départs Sélection du bac favoris Géolocalisation des bacs sur une carte Classement des horaires par jour Nous travaillons activement afin de pouvoir vous ...    3 MB    Views 8581

Avantex Paris

+15    Avantex is a trade fair dedicated to hightech fabrics for fashion, highlighting intelligent, connected fabrics, materials which combine nanotechnology and cosmetics as well as surprising finishes and coatings. It is being held, jointly with Apparel Sourcing and Texworld Paris, twice ...    40 MB    Views 503
wifi sensor data udp environment platform
+8    The application used together with Cyntec's own platform. Features App works with Cyntec's NNN40 platform The device broadcast the environment sensor data (temperature, humidity and UV) by WiFi UDP App read the environment sensor data by WiFi UDP and display it ...    2 MB    Views 8263


bike mileage light vehicle
-2    1. The Bike++ App is designed for the Bike scooter. 2. Through Bluetooth connection to the Bike scooter, the App can show the vehicle's current mileage, total mileage, speed, iGear,Light, iRun and so on. 3. The App can also control the vehicle's ...    3 MB    Views 8246


0    版本1.0仅包含六班三倒的倒班表,适合相关人士及其家人使用。 六班三倒即把一天分成三个班,员工分成六组人,六组人轮流上三个班。 第1页:查看所在组当天的班次 第2页:查看未来某日所在组的班次,滑动可以翻页 第3页:趣味统计。包括每年过年在上什么班,以及节日,节气,生日,纪念日等 第4页:相关设置。设置为其它组可以看其它组的工作情况    3 MB    Views 314


+5    Calculadoras para controlar o desenvolvimento da gravidez e o crescimento do bebé. Calculadora dos dias férteis, de data do parto, do sexo do bebe, dos percentis, da quantidade de leite, etc.    3 MB    Views 8652
artwork wallpapers facebook www gallery http retina https pdf developer
+9    SUPER COOL GALLERY WALLPAPER ARTWORK STYLE LOTS OF RETINA Gallery Wallpapers and Lockscreens for you to skin up your device like Artwork How u feel great every day. Features: LOTS OF RETINA HD about The Artwork Professionally Designed Matching iPhone ...    25 MB    Views 6772
-1    中国暖通设备电商城是专门为暖通行业打造的大型电子商务平台,面向广大客户提供暖通供求信息、行业资讯、产品报价、人才招聘等服务,自建站以来就深受广大暖通行业的青睐,中国暖通设备电商城不仅能够加强各企业之间的交流,还可以促进彼此之间产业的合作,实现企业之间的共同发展。    41 MB    Views 1982
-3    中华建材 缔造精品生活    26 MB    Views 6087
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-9    Make your vehicle ownership experience easy with the free Capital Toyota Scion mobile app. This featurerich app allows you to get the most out of your vehicle by helping you to maintain and organize essential car details like service history, ...    14 MB    Views 9209


+30    'Frett' is your go to tool when discovering the year your guitar was released. Just select a guitar make, enter a serial number and go Current support : Fender USA Fender Japan Fender Mexico (Gibson and Gretsch model years will be available ...    16 MB    Views 9813

Amharic Notes

amharic notes
+6    Its never been easier to take notes in Amharic, the official language of Ethiopia. Introducing Amharic Notes for your iPhone and iPad. Our custom keyboard allows you to enter 90% of the amharic unicode characters and take notes in Amharic. ...    2 MB    Views 1648


+11    “e点餐”预约点餐应用,依托和生活平台,在线选择餐厅,完成预约、点菜、支付,享受不用排队等号,到店就能享受定制美食的服务;商家可通过该平台发布自己的菜单以及桌位情况,合理配置资源,更高效地开店。    NAN    Views 1398

Workpulse Survey

survey restaurant store
0    Workpulse Survey is an utility app installed in a store/restaurant that allows users to take a short and quick Survey of the restaurant they visited. The data is collected and analyzed to check and improve store services.    1 MB    Views 6178
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